Horror as baby's nappy EXPLODES all over him

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Writer / May 22 2019

Explosive nappies are part and parcel of life with a young baby or toddler. However, what do you do when the nappy itself explodes?

This is predicament one caregiver found herself with when her grandson's nappy burst open and leaked gelatine crystals all over him.

Taking to a Mums Facebook group, she posted a photo of the little boy, adding: "Umm WTAF. Can anyone tell me is my grandson going to be ok, he woke up this morning and his nappy split and the gel is coming out. 2 days in a row." 

Facebook/Getty Images

Facebook/Getty Images

Members of the group were quick to comment and offer suggestions.

"Go up the next size for night time," suggested one mum.

"Put a cheap ladies pad in the nappy at night. Worked a treat for my son," added another.

"Yep nappy change right before sleep and if whenever starting to look full during night, could also help switching brands of the night time if not making much difference other than the regular changes," said a third.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Earlier this year, a disgruntled Dad took to the internet when he discovered that the nappy had disintegrated overnight.

The 36-year-old dad-of-two took to social media to express his concern after finding the nappy had overflowed and leaked up to his son’s chest after just seven hours of wear.

“It was very upsetting to find my kid like this. It just exploded with crystals all over him, he was wet up to his chest inside his onesie and very stressed," he said.

Apparently the crystals are not dangerous unless they are ingested - in which case the child should be taken to hospital.

What do you think? Has this ever happened to you?

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