Hilarious bride bites back at wedding shaming guest and it's gone viral!

“That’s Mrs High and mighty to you”

September 26 2019

Bride Abbey says she hasn’t spoken to the woman in four years and couldn’t believe the Facebook post.

“A friend of mine got married yesterday and everyone from the student union got invited apart from me 😔 am I really that bad”, she posted the unnamed friend.

“No babe don’t worry about it if they not family then f**k them off babe”, replied a friend.


It was then Abbey realised that the post was targeted at her!

“I haven’t spoken to you in ages 😂 we had a very small wedding with only very close family and friends. Before publicly shaming me get your facts right 🤣🤣”, commented the bride.

“Also if you were adult enough you would realise that weddings cost a fortune so don’t slate 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Then it was game on moll!


“I’m not slating you al!! I’m not stupid I know they cost money”, shot back the unnamed poster.

“No need for this post then was there?”, fired back the bride

“No need to be so rude is there??”, replied the poster.


After a string of comments it seems the two were ready to stop the online argument. That is until the unnamed Facebook poster shot back, “Your the one who was rude in the first place abbey and WOW clearly you think your miss high and mighty 🤣😂

Abbey came out the winner with the hilarious reply, “ * mrs high and mighty”.



So far the post has been liked thousands of times and has attracted over two-thousand comments.

Makes you think twice about what you post on Facebook right?

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