Health Hacks for Busy Mums

A personal trainer shares his top five health tips for time-poor parents

July 22 2016

Turn Off Your Phone and Electronics When Your Kids Go to Bed:


I understand that this may be the opportune time to get your emails done and catch up with what is happening on Facebook, but it is important to switch off before bedtime so that you have a restful sleep and can prepare for the day ahead. The screen on your devices emits a blue light which actually turns off your melatonin which is your sleep hormone. This hormone naturally begins to be produced by the body when the sun goes done and it helps prepare you for a good sleep. If you stay up staring at your screens, you are less likely to have a restful sleep and furthermore, you will probably be thinking about the million things that are going on in your life rather than winding down.


Nutrient Boost Every Meal


There is no doubt that parents are busy. You are running around chasing after your kids, making sure that all of their needs are met, but if you are unwell then you are not going to be enjoying yourself and it will make the day that much more challenging. Therefore I find that it’s important to boost the nutrient level in every meal. Add spices such as Turmeric to your meals for its anti-inflammatory properties, add sprouts (such as alfalfa sprouts) as they are very high in nutrients, make sure there is always something green and leafy in your meals and if you are finding that you are starting to feel under the weather, add in vitamin C rich foods such as capsicum.


Plan Your Meals In Advance


In addition to the above tip, preparation is key, so if you plan your meals in advance, you are less likely to skip your meals altogether or eat unhealthy food on the go. I suggest taking some time out one day a week to plan all of your meals so that you have everything ready to go. There are some great healthy, family friendly recipes in my new e-book Nourished that can help guide you. I have even added in a 7 day eating plan as a guide.


Have a Workout Ready To Go


You don’t want to skimp on your exercise time, however when you have kids, particularly young kids, it can be hard to find the time to keep your fitness on track. I suggest having a good workout video or at home program ready to go so if your kid is having a nap or is preoccupied you can get some exercise in. Not only will it be great for your mind and body, but you should also feel energised to get on with the day ahead. If you want to use exercise as your ‘me’ time, why not consider signing up to a gym or a bootcamp that offers childcare as well.


Avoid Caffeine if You are Stressed


Don’t hate me, but drinking caffeine if you are stressed or anxious is only going to make things worse. It is also inflammatory to your body, and caffeine also prevents your body from absorbing iron, so it is causing more harm than good. If you are tried or stressed out, try to find a caffeine free alternative to tea or coffee to have in your breaks instead.


Scott's first e-book Nourished is available now.