BREAKING NEWS: Body of missing Queenland toddler found on property

This is very sad...

July 26 2019


The body of Ruben Scott has been found, Queensland Police said on Friday.

The two-year-old was last seen near the Koolatah Station homestead, on the western side of Cape York Peninsula on Tuesday afternoon.

His body was found by police divers in a large dam located near the homestead on Friday afternoon.

"Our thoughts go out to Ruben's family, friends and the communities of Maramie and Kowanyama, as well as everyone involved in the search during this difficult time," police said in a statement.


The grandfather of two-year-old Ruben Scott, missing in far north Queensland, has thanked everyone who has helped in the mammoth search for the toddler but says the family is "preparing for the worst at the moment" as the efforts to find him continue.

"Hopefully we can find Ruben today," Noel Scott said in a video released by police from Koolatah Station.





Ruben was last seen on Tuesday evening playing with a black puppy.

Cape Patrol Inspector Mark Henderson said he sat down with the family on Thursday night to discuss the likelihood of the toddler still being alive.


"It's been a very hard task and we've given it our best, but pediatric experts now tell us that survivability has passed," Henderson explained.

Despite the grim prediction, Henderson says their efforts to find Ruben will continue.

"We've had some 1,700 square kilometres, 450,000 square acres to search," he explained.

"We will continue to try to find young Ruben and bring closure for the family."

Police say about eight divers are at the property and will be scouring a large lake behind the homestead on Friday.

Fresh water crocs are known to be in the area.


Satellite image of the property where Ruben Scott is missing

Satellite image of the property where Ruben Scott is missing


"They are being assisted by EPA officers who are helping us gauge the level of crocodile infestation in that area," Henderson explained.

"It will be a long day, two or three days but as I said, we wont stop, we will continue to do our best."

SES personnel are to remain at the property and will help divers and to ensure no areas are missed.


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