Get your morning coffee for free on Friday!

Celebrate International Coffee Day

September 26 2018

October first is International Coffee Day, and NESCAFÉ is giving away 200,000 free cups of coffee in Sydney to celebrate.

Visit NESCAFÉ in World Square or Parramatta Westfield in Sydney on Friday September 28 and swap your current jar or tin of instant coffee for a free, full-size jar of NESCAFÉ Gold, and you’ll get a free hot coffee to take away with you.

It's time to start living! #Mugwithaview #Coffeelove #Nescafé
It's time to start living! #Mugwithaview #Coffeelove #Nescafé

The NESCAFÉ giveaway aims to celebrate the 14.6 million coffee fans in Australia, many of which turn to instant coffee to see them through the morning. In fact, 75 per cent of Australians drink their morning coffee at home, and coffee shops generate around $8 billion by selling coffee for home use.

How to get your free coffee

1. Visit one of the two NESCAFÉ locations in World Square or Parramatta Westfield in Sydney

2. Bring your old tin or jar of instant coffee that you have at home (no matter how empty) and swap it for a giant NESCAFÉ Gold in store.

3. Pick up a free coffee on your way out from the NESCAFÉ team.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.