Furious mum SQUIRTS a woman with breastmilk after row about breastfeeding in park!

Just wow.

February 04 2019


A breastfeeding mum was so furious at another mum who told her to stop breastfeeding infront of her family -  she squirted her with her breastmilk!

The irate woman, who was squirted, reported the incident on a Facebook forum and said the mum should be 'ashamed' of herself. 

She wrote, 'To the lady in Dartford park who thought it was appropriate to breastfeed her baby whist my child and very easily distracted husband sat nearby.

'I don't think it was necessary for you to react the way you did just because I asked you to go somewhere private, telling me to f*** off and squirting me with your boobs was incredibly uncalled for. I hope you are ashamed of yourself!'

But she didn't get much sympathy from other parents who labelled her 'pathetic' and 'insecure'.


Stock shot/Getty

Stock shot/Getty


The post has now been shared thousands of times, with Facebook users horrified at the attack on the breastfeeding mum. It's caused a storm in the UK, with many coming to the defence of the baby's mum.

One said, 'I hope you're ashamed of yourself, her reaction may not have been the right way to deal with your ignorance, but she has every right to feed her child there, if it offended you that much why didn't you move?'

Another commented, 'Pathetic. I think you're probably more angry at your husband for being 'distracted' by her than you are at any one else. Insecure much? Time to take a look at your marriage.'

This mum added, 'Her reaction is not on but why shouldn’t she feed her baby in public? I would have had a few choice words for you if you had asked me to go else where. There is something wrong with people who think seeing someone breastfeeding is inappropriate.'




This story comes just a couple of weeks after a woman in the US was asked NOT to breastfeed her twins at their daycare centre because it offended parents and kids. And a woman in NSW was banned from breastfeeding her baby at a swimming pool while she watching her older child. 




No-one's quite sure why all these stories about women facing a backlash to breastfeeding keep appearing - or why people are suddenly so sensitive to seeing women feed their babies in public. 


Have you ever been asked to stop breastfeeding? What do you think of the woman squirting the other mother?