The dark reason behind the signature 'Wiggles finger' move

Former member Murray Cook reveals all

Writer / April 30 2019

The Wiggles is one of the most popular children’s groups of all time, and are well known for their ‘Wiggles finger’ gestures, which has become a trademark of their brand.

However, former member Murray Cook has revealed that there was a very specific and rather dark reason for the gesture, which relates to male entertainers working with children.

In an interview with SBS’ The Feed he said: “The thing of being a man in early childhood [education], when you're a teacher in early childhood, you have to be aware that you can be accused of things.”

Getty Images

Getty Images

“In photos for instance, if there are kids there, if you've got your hands doing this [Wiggles finger gesture], everyone sees where your hands are.

“It's a shame that it's an issue, but it's an issue and you have to protect yourself, as well,” he added.

Murray was the Red Wiggle for more than two decades before retiring seven years ago and being replaced by Simon Pryce.

He is now the guitarist for a rock band called The Soul Movers, but says that being a former Wiggle has made it difficult for him to be taken seriously as a musician at times.

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