Former policeman Gary Jubelin 'I won't give up on William Tyrrell'

He disappeared five years ago.

Editor / November 03 2019

William Tyrrell disappeared five years ago - on September 12, 2014.

The pictures of this engaging, happy three-year-old boy wearing an iconic Spiderman costume are seared into Australia’s memory.

Top NSW detective Gary Jubelin who was taken off the investigation into missing boy William Tyrrell over alleged misconduct claims. Despite his removal from the case, Gary has spoken out how the case will always haunt him.

"it is frustrating sitting on the sideline with four years of knowledge leading the investigation, and 25 years of experience catching killers and not being able to pass that information on.

"We are talking about the disappearance of a three-year-old child and I have been excluded from the investigation because I recorded conversations that I have maintained from the outset I had valid reasons to do so. It’s very hard to reconcile," reported The Sunday Telegraph

"I took my role leading homicide investigations very seriously.

"I had a responsibility to not only the victim and the victim’s family, but also the suspects in the crimes I was investigating. When trying to find out what happened to someone who has been murdered or in William’s case disappeared, every relevant line of inquiry must be fully explored."


"We need to find out what happened to William, we just can’t give up on him."

Watch: New police video shows William Tyrrell's foster mother speaking with police

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