Flawsome: the podcast for parents doing the best they can!

Back by popular demand!

December 02 2019


Flawsome is back for a second season and this year hosts Amy Sinclair and Michelle Connolly are tackling the big issues. 


And when we say big issues, we obviously mean the issues of everyday life. Because that’s what this show is about. Not what’s going on in the news, but what’s going on in a lot of homes across the country. 




Flawsome, is the podcast for parents who are doing the best they can. It’s a safe place for all parents to share the stories that they’re not proud of...but maybe actually are. Just a little bit. And it will make you laugh along the way (if we do say so ourselves). 


On today’s episode...


Is it ever okay to recycle food in your kids lunch box?


Is it ever a good idea to check your partners phone? 


And the dose and drop at school. Is it really worth it?