Dad’s swim class tip for 'newbie parents' goes viral

The simple tip that will change your life.

April 24 2017

To combat this, one dad has shared a tip, which he says he didn’t figure out until his second child, with “newbie parents”.

“Get good bathrobes for you, and for the kid. When swim class is done, whip those bathrobes on, and head right on out the door, into the car. Once home: quick bath, kid dressed, ravioli in the microwave, wrote the dad, known only as papatonepictures, on Reddit.

“To over-explain: with my first kid, I would pack a bag and clothes and a new diaper and wipes and towels. When class was done, I would take him into the men's locker room to get him dried off and dressed.

“It would, honestly, take half an hour. If I was lucky. The whole thing was a clothes-based war of attrition.”





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