Experts Warn Santa Claus Lie Could Damage Children

'If parents can lie so convincingly and over such a long time, what else can they lie about?'

November 25 2016

Child psychologist Dr Louise Porter agrees with what the experts have said in the study, "because children are now finding out earlier that it isn't the truth - too early to take the let down easily."


"I've found that, for bright children, it's confusing because they know the world is too large for this story to be credible and are confused that adults would think they were that gullible," she added. 

Despite what some experts warn, new mum, Rosie McInnes, says some of her favourite memories are from Christmas morning.


"I will bestowing that enjoyment onto my children by telling them about Santa Claus. I have never once felt resentment or anger that my parents lied to me.


"Today's kids are surround by technology and don't play outside like older generations did as kids. They have lost the gift of imagination and creative play.


"What's wrong with a small white lie that inspires imagination and instills a little magic?”


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