Expert explains how bad social media really is for children

'It releases the exact same chemical that makes us feel good when we smoke, drink and gamble'

March 06 2017

The problem with social media, according to Sinek, is the need for “external approval” and it can be devastating to a teen if someone un-follows them.

He added: “When you are growing up with an unbalanced use of social media you aren’t learning the coping skills to do with stress.”

While keeping your 15-year-old off social media seems like an impossible task, Sinek says it’s not about banning social media; instead, “parents must be aware of the risks.”


This isn’t the first time, Sinek has garnered attention for his views on technology and the effect it’s having on millennials.

In a YouTube video published last year, which has been viewed almost 6 million times, Sinek compares mobile phone use to drug and alcohol consumption.

“Engagement with social media and the use of cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine. When you receive a text it feels good. It's also why we count the likes.”

Sinek explains that dopamine is the “exact same chemical that makes us feel good when we smoke, drink and gamble: in other words, it's highly addictive.”

“We have age restrictions on smoking, gambling and we have no age restrictions on social media and cell phones.

“Which is the equivalent of opening up the liquor cabinet and saying oh by the way if this adolescent thing is getting you down….”

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