This AFL star wife’s Peppa Pig birthday cake fail is HILARIOUS!

She posted it on Instagram!

January 03 2019

Emma Hawkins, mum, marketing guru and wife of Geelong AFL star Tom Hawkins, has created a cake that's stopped the internet! 

Emma, who's heavily pregnant and been suffering months of terrible morning sickness, took on the unenviable task of whipping up a Peppa Pig birthday cake for her daughter Belle’s second birthday in a hotel room on Tuesday night!

What started off as a very admirable effort turned to tears though when a day-long car ride the next day lead to Peppa looking like she’d been ‘massacred’. 

Emma definitely saw the funny side of it, posting a hilarious message on her Instagram page.



Early birthday cake for Belle (Daddy isn’t here tomorrow),’ she wrote. ‘Also 100% not a public submission to the AWW cake book 😳 decorating in a hotel room + full day in the car = massacred style Peppa cake (swipe across for all the inspo you need to achieve this look 😅😅🐷🐷🐷) * also it was unintentional to give Peppa flaming candle tits 😂







Flaming candle boobs aside, just look at the smile on Belle’s face! It’s clear to see it was a big hit with the gorgeous toddler - and Emma’s thousands of Instagram fans. 

Wrote one: ‘Great effort 10/10! #awesomemum. Kids remember the memories not what shop a cake would have come from. Last part of post had me in stitches!🤣🤣🤣

Added another: I thought the flaming candle tatas were a nice touch! 😂 Excellent cake, mama @emmahawkins_ 👏🏼🐽 happiest of birthdays.. how time flies.’

And a third: ‘I'm a midwife and this Peppa cake reminds me of a placenta 😂😂😂 happy birthday!’

Ha! Well we've all been there - and we love that Emma’s seen the fun side in it. After all, us mommas are all doing the best we can!