Em Rusciano Hits Back At Columnist Who Labelled Working Mums 'Selfish'

The radio host made this powerful speech on radio this morning.

February 08 2017

Describing Devine’s words as “so poisonous and harmful", proud working mum Rusciano felt she needed to “be the anecdote to that poison and to reassure people that's what she's written about that what she's saying is not true.”


“The happy child of today is the child that has food to eat, is housed and educated. With the prices of today, it means we need double income sources and mums have to work," she said. 


“If I could buy my house for $2.50, I could loosen up my work load and make daisy chains with the kids but that’s not how it is.


“I want my daughters to dream bug and have adventures in life, so it’s important to have a role model on that front.”


What really upset Rusciano was Devine accusing "working mothers of being coerced in to prioritising careers and becoming feminist warriors against the so-called gender gap".


Setting the record straight, the mother of two said, "I am willing to bet that most mums work to A) provide for their kids and B) because they appreciate having their own lives.


"There is nothing wrong with mother's putting themselves first because that makes them better mothers," she said. 


Rusciano finished, saying, "I am not up at 4 a.m to make a political point… I am doing it large in part because my kids need frigging iPads at school."