Become A Sweetheart For Sick Children On Sweethearts Day

Eight kids are born each day with childhood heart disease in Australia.

February 09 2017

Dedicated to supporting kids and families with CHD, whilst funding vital research, HeartKids is dedicated to raising awareness about the issues relating to CHD.




HeartKids CEO, Mark Brooke, said, “Every day in hospitals around the country, soon-to-be parents are receiving life-changing news about their unborn baby, and face the daunting task of having to balance the joy of being a new parent with the knowledge that their child is likely to face multiple operations, including delicate open heart surgery, often within days of being born.

“Our role at HeartKids is to be there for these families as their child faces the gruelling journey of living with a heart defect that they will face for the rest of their life.”

This year, February 14 is Sweethearts Day, a day dedicated to raising funds for HeartsKids charity. Instead of forking out a fortune for flowers, you can support sick children by purchasing blue hearts merchandise.

For more information about HeartKids Sweetheart Day 2017, to make a donation or to fundraise, visit