DIY: Upcycled kitty planters

Great craft project to try with the kids!

Content Editor / September 04 2018

Recyling organisation SCR Group specialises in clothing and homeware re-use. They've shared this sweet craft project with us, perfect for keeping little gardeners busy on the weekend or during school holidays!

DIY Kitty Planters

What you will need:

Paper (for cat ears stencil)
Plastic soda bottles (labels removed)
Dry marker
Spray paint
Paint markers (black and white)
Plants or herbs


1. Sketch cat ears stencil out on paper and cut it out.
2. Place the stencil on the soda bottle and trace with a marker.
3. Cut the soda bottle along the marker lines.
4. Spray the bottle with 2 - 3 coats of spray paint. Allow to dry.
5. Draw a cat face on the front of the bottle with the paint markers and let dry.
6. Place the plants inside.

For more clever DIY and recycling ideas, head to SCRgroup.

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