Dad throws newborn daughter off cliff because he wants a boy, but she survives

Poor darling

Writer / May 28 2019

Welcoming a new baby into the family is usually a time of great joy. However, one father was so disappointed that his daughter was a girl that he tried to get rid of her.

The father took his newborn baby girl from the Magui Health Center, a hospital in Guangdong, China and tried to kill her.

According to reports, the father wanted to have a son so he took the newborn baby, placed her in a nylon bag and snuck out to a nearby forest.

He then threw the six-hour-old baby from a cliff and left.



Incredibly, the little girl miraculously survived for 12 hours after landing on some tree branches and was saved by rescuers.

Police were alerted after a doctor at the centre called to report that a newborn girl had gone missing from the hospital.

The father confessed to his crime after being questioned, and a team of rescuers went in search of the baby girl.



The team heard the baby’s faint cries and found her about 100 metres down the edge of the cliff.

Luckily, the little girl did not sustain any serious injuries, and is now in the care of her mother.

Her father, Li, told officers he was disappointed that his fourth child turned out to be a daughter, having already had two girls and a boy.

The father said the family was poor and he felt under a lot of financial pressure.

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