Dad gets baby's ears pierced behind mum's back

He did what?!

September 30 2018

A mum has taken to the internet slam her baby's father after he took the nine-week-old to get her ears pierced - without the mum's permission!


The un-named mum and dad are no longer together, but they co-parent the little girl, and after a visit to his home she returned with pierced ears. 

The mum explained that she could not understand why her daughter was screaming and in so much pain until she took her hate off and saw the studs in her ears.

Her ears were hot and looked sore and the mum phoned the dad and asked him why he had pierced them without her permission.

And his response? He thought it would look cute!





And fellow mums were quick to agree with the mum and urged her to go to the doctor in case there was a real problem.



  • What do you think of this? Would you be angry if your ex-partner did this?

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