Outrageous: Mum demands free swimming lessons from neighbour - her demands in full!

This is unreal

December 19 2018

A swimming teacher who offers free lessons was shocked when she received a series of texts from a mum demanding she teach her son as well.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained that she gives free lessons to a couple of children in her apartment complex.

A resident mother found out about the lessons and contacted the woman in a series of very curt and demanding messages.



The first message starts out with the mother stating that she is aware of the swimming lessons and asking if her son can join in.

When the teacher responds saying “Yes. Sure.” The mother sends a barrage of texts, saying she can’t pay and is a single mum, and then begins to get more and more irate when the teacher does not respond immediately.

“Hey. Yes, they are free,” the teacher writes. “I am in office. I won’t be able to respond right away.”

“Wow. That’s rude,” the mother responds. “I want to know what time I should bring my son to the pool.”



When the teacher responds saying there are no lessons that day, the mother gets increasingly angry, demanding she teach her son alone at a specific time, because he has anxiety and all the other mothers are rich and can afford a private coach.

The mother then ups the ante sending a barrage of texts including a threat to “throw him in the pool tomorrow at 1,” adding “If something happens to him you are responsible.”

When the teacher stops responding, the texts get even more abusive, with the mum calling her privileged and suggesting that she ask the other mothers for money for the lessons and give them to her!

“You f*cking refuse money that people are ready to pay. I am a single mom. You should get that money and give it to me… if you won’t teach my son alone you should at least give the money to me.”



Reddit users were quick to sympathise with the poster, with many calling the woman “crazy.”

“I’m willing to bet that if she threw him in the pool he’d be the best swimmer there just to get as far away from the crazy bitch as possible,” one user wrote.

“Please don't take on this client. If she is willing to be this rude trying to get her son into class, imagine how it will be with him in it. She will be water side looking over your shoulder every second. She will come up to you after every class and state that you didn't give her son equal time and demand you stay later. If her son looks to be struggling she will demand your attention be placed on him instead of the other ‘brats’, wrote another.