Crayola announced they are retiring a colour from their iconic portfolio


March 29 2017

But it’s not all bad news.

"The colour will be retired across the entire crayon portfolio, including the iconic 24- and 64-count boxes as well as all other Crayon products," Joshua Kroo, the company's director of marketing communications, told Mashable. "Crayola is all about innovating with colour, so consumers can expect that there will be a new, exciting colour coming soon! Of course, the 24-box will always have that number of crayons."

Most people aren't excited by the news. 

"I cannot allow it," one person wrote. 

Another added: "Please, not Turquoise Blue!!!"

According to Mashable, the current colours in the 24-box include: "red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet, black, carnation pink, yellow orange, blue green, red violet, red orange, yellow green, blue violet, white, violet red, dandelion, cerulean, apricot, scarlet, green yellow, indigo, and gray."

Which colour do you think will face the chopping block?