Couples are signing 'Baby Contracts' to split parental duties - would you get one?

The new pre-nuptial agreement is the 'pregnancy and baby agreement'

April 10 2019

Forget the pre-nup before you get married, baby contracts have become all the rage these days - and they're catching on! 

But what exactly is it?

Pregnancy and baby contracts first shot to fame when it was revealed that Meghan Markle asked her first husband Trevor Engelson to sign one should they ever have fallen pregnant. 

Basically it aims to help a couple outline their specific duties when the woman is pregnant or after the baby is born.

Yeah, nice idea, right?

All of the contracts are different, and they do not have to be legal or formalised, but many parents-to-be are seeing a solicitor so they can set in stone exactly what is expected from each party.

Here's an example of one, drawn up by mum blogger, Petal & Thorn. 



Petal & Thorn

Petal & Thorn


These 'baby-nups' aim to stop the 3am blame-game when one parent refuses to get up and help. Although we're not sure waving a piece of paper in your partner's face and telling them they promised to change nappies in the middle of the night is going to work...

But, according to many experts, just having the conversation of what we expect and need from each other during pregnancy and the early newborn days is beneficial. 

Relationship expert Dr Terri Orbuch suggests it's a good idea to divide up responsibilities about how dynamics will change.

This includes the division of labour, your finances and how the arrival of a baby will affect your relationship.

'Don't panic,' says Terri. 'Just be sure to discuss your hopes and fears together so you’re on the same page.'



So would you do it? Would you sign up for a baby-nup?