Couple hide pregnancy and then visit their families - WITH THEIR SURPRISE BABY!

Baby Ivy was a bit of a shock for this entire family!

February 04 2019

A couple who kept their entire pregnancy and birth a secret from their families, turned up with their new baby as a total surprise. 

Ben and Hannah Hinders stunned one family member after another when they arrived with little baby Ivy in tow.

The couple are both from the mainland of the USA but live in Hawaii so they hadn't seen any family or friends for ten months. 

No one knew the little one was coming because they had kept Hannah's pregnancy a secret.




'It was not easy,'' Ben Hinders, 27, told TODAY. "My wife was a champ of the whole process, that's for sure.'

Hannah, 27, gave birth to Ivy Elizabeth and then two months later the couple visited their families.

They filmed the shocked reactions as one person after another met Ivy for the first time.

The couple came up with the idea after watching a video of a surprise adoption with friends.

"My wife had the idea of, 'Wouldn't it be crazy if we had a kid and didn't tell anybody and then just showed up on their doorstep?''' Ben revealed. "Everybody was like, 'You're insane.'''

To stop anyone finding out, the couple limited their social media posts to beautiful landscapes from Hawaii and shots of Hannah that didn't show her tummy!

And while they were delighted to spring the surprise, they also had to deal with some family members being upset they were not told there was going to be a new baby in the family.

"We had some anger come out after the fact, maybe a week or two later,'' Ben said. "My wife was pretty nervous, but we just thought, it's pretty hard when you meet Ivy to not fall right in love. Nobody was mad for very long if they were mad."


See their surprise video here!