Constance Hall’s husband responds to 'amicable' end to their marriage

Bill hit back at the mummy blogger.

April 10 2017

Responding to comments on a Facebook post about the Perth mum’s marriage split, Bill Mahon informed fans of the alleged true story behind their breakup.

Constance painted a picture of a couple who just fell out of love, stating in a blog post yesterday ‘This decision wasn't made lightly, obviously he has been the love of my life but we just weren't making each other happy anymore and have lived separate lives for so long now that it just seemed to fall that way.’

However Bill’s side of the story is rather different.

‘Constance? So you blocked me off your page but not your new lovers that you ran away with. I haven’t seen the kids in four weeks. Stop lying about I knew this was coming,’ began the now deleted rant.

‘Constance Hall is on her way to Ireland with out me.

‘While I was working at our other house she met a guy that has not worked in 15 years because he blames the world.

‘Now they are together and have run off with my four kids.

‘I’m over it but this is not a Queen!!!!!

‘This guy on her has know honour (sic) and dumped his girlfriend of six years to go after my wife.

‘My wife has money and his girlfriend of six years with no kids didn’t. This blog page is bulls**t and it’s all a lie.

‘He didn’t think about other kids unless they had money.’

Constance has responded with her own version of the events. Read her full Facebook post below.

This article originally appeared on New Idea