Coles Supermarket $2 camping hack


October 08 2019

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Families on a budget are loving the latest $2 Coles sauce bottle hack!

Instead of bringing or buying bottles of cooking oil for the BBQ, simply decant a little into the Coles sauce bottle, available in the cooking accessory aisle for an absolute bargain, $2!

The bottle hack is also perfect to transport marinades, condiments and avoiding glass bottles which can be downright hazardous when you are fumbling around in the dark!

Genius $2 Coles sauce bottle camping hack. Image: Facebook

Genius $2 Coles sauce bottle camping hack. Image: Facebook

To transport your plastic bottle hack you will need a six pack of Corona, empty of course. Any other variety of beer six-pack will do, so long as it has a carry handle.


Sharing on a private Facebook page, camper Samantha has shared her awesome space saving camping hack.

Using the other sized of the Corona six-pack she has added BBQ tongs, foil and paper towel.


Followers were amazing by the hack, one commenting: “now that's improvising!”.

“it’s a great idea 😂”, added another.

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