JUST IN: Coles Little Shop ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ is ‘on the way’!

Here we go again...

January 01 2019

Are Coles introducing Little Shop for a special limited edition run in January 2019?

It’s the hot rumour in town! With their Christmas edition selling out in record time, it’s no wonder that the supermarket is hoping to capitalise on the hugely popular Little Shop phenomenon with a ‘Back to School’ version of the collectibles. 



It’s believed that six to eight new minis will be available, all featuring products that you would typically find in school lunchboxes. 

‘After the success of the first run, they discussed bringing out an Xmas version and a Back To School version,’ said one forum user, who claims to work at Coles. ‘We’ve seen the Xmas ones, so chances are we’ll have Back To School ones on the way too. The case will probably be a mini school bag, from what I’ve heard, and there will be about six to eight to collect.’

While there’s yet to be any official news from Coles, the Little Shop Back To School buzz is sure to go down a treat with fans. 

The original promotion ran between July and September with 30 miniature grocery items to collect, including Milo, Vegemite, Nutella, Weet-Bix, Tim-Tams and even Dettol soap and Finish dishwashing tablets. For every $30 you spend in Coles, you get one mini with your shopping.

The promotion was widely regarded as the greatest of its kind, with Coles reporting a huge upturn in sales - and prompted the supermarket to release their Christmas edition. 

Now, just six weeks later we could have Little Shop mania upon us again, with the Back To School version. 

Will it happen? 

Watch this space ...