Why Coles collectables are selling for $1000 - could you make a fortune?

Fans are making big cash by selling the toys for hundreds of dollars!

August 08 2018

Collectors are making big cash by selling the new range of Coles Little Shop collectables on-line. 

The miniature supermarket products, which are the new craze to sweep the nation, are being sold at massive mark-ups to fans desperate to get their hands on them.

Shoppers are given one collectable for every $30 they spend in the store but they can be found on eBay rpiced up to $1000 for the entire set in the special display case. 

The Little Shop range features tiny replicas of Coles products including Vegemite, Weet-Bix, Nutella and Milo. 

One of the most in-demand items is the Little Juice bottle which can fetch up to $25 on-line. And kids are begging their mums to buy up the entire collection so they can swap in the school playground. 

'My son is desperate for me to buy them all,' says Sydney mum Ellen Back. 'But to do that would mean I would spend way over a thousand dollars because all we ever seem to get is Mount Franklin bottles when all he wants is a Messy Monkeys pouch! It is crazy that this has taken over our lives!'

The Rare List

You could make some cash if you have any of these!

1. Finish

2. White King Power Clean

3. VapoRub

The Little Shop campaign will end on August 28 or while stocks last.

More information can be found on the Little Shop website.




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