Children awarded for bravery after saving their mum from domestic violence attack

So brave!

March 27 2017

Three years after the ordeal, The Australian Bravery Awards announced Jayden Caulfield and Cameron Caulfield as recipients of the Star of Courage Award. 

Kaylea Caulfield and Zane Fields (Caulfield) will receive a Bravery Medal each. 

After hearing the news of his award, Jayden said he wants to help other children experiencing domestic violence.

"Domestic violence is such a big issue lately, especially the last couple of years, it's getting out of hand – there's not enough foundations or support, it's not viewed by the higher-ups as a big issue," he said.

"Me and my little brother Cameron we're closer now and we've got each other's backs ... I've always followed Cameron, he's like my younger brother role model."