Wow! Who knew Charlotte looked so much like her Dad?

The resemblance is un-canny!

October 18 2018

Princess Charlotte has been likened to the Queen in the past and even her mum, Kate Middleton, but who knew that she looked so much like her father, Prince William?

A Royal Family fan account page on Instagram Tea Time With the Cambridges has uncovered an old photo of Prince William when he was just a boy and compared it to a recent one of Princess Charlotte at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, where she was flower girl.


The fan page believe that Charlotte has inherited the world-famous Princess Diana smirk - that half-smile look she gave. 





Commenting on the photo the caption read, 'Look at this and tell me they don’t look alike (to me). 

'Ever since she was little Charlotte has had the “Diana Smirk” which William obviously got from Diana and Charlotte got from her daddy! She is definitely daddy’s little lookalike and daddy’s little girl!'

Royal watchers have always thought that little Charlotte was a little carbon copy of the Queen in her childhood years. Now who knows? One thing's obvious though, she's a clear royal lookalike!