Childcare horror as toddlers toe is partially severed.

Gold Coast Mum said it was “50 per cent severed”.

September 27 2019

Taylors sister went to collect the two-year-old to take him to be seen by a doctor and it was then that they realised the enormity of the injuries. Shockingly the toddler was drifting in and out of conciousness, shaking and shaking in a state of shock.

I rushed from work to my child where we then discovered after pulling the baby wipes the centre placed over his toe (this is not a correct or legal action of first aid) that his big toe was 50% detached. We immediately dialled 000 for assistance for an ambulance from home.”, posted Taylor.



After being rushed to Queensland Childrens Hospital where Taylors son required surgery “to his left great toe for nail bed reconstruction, skin repair, cleaning and scrubbing of the toe before stitching it back together. We are still awaiting to find out if any further damage was found during the surgery”, she said.

Mum Taylor claims that the centre failed to provide proper first aid to her son and only covered his toe in baby wipes. She has also sought legal advice.

Taylor has removed both of her children from care at Varsity Lakes, owned b y G8 Education, reported The Courier Mail.

“My 2 year old son is still in shock and emotional distress over the incident and cries every time we have to drive past the old kindy and screams he never wants to go back.”


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