Ever had to apologise for your child - these new cards have been hailed as 'genius'!

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June 05 2019

Ever needed to say sorry after an ‘incident’ with your child?!


Well, an Aussie mum has launched a series of hilarious greeting cards aimed at parents who need to APOLOGISE for their kids behaviour!

And the series of designs has proved so popular with fellow mums, they’ve been hailed as ‘genius’ and ‘amazing’!



The cards, designed by Sydney mum and illustrator Beck Feiner, were created after she became too embarrassed to properly apologise for an incident with her child.

‘There is nothing dearer to my heart than my two kids (aged 3 and 6),’ she tells Practical parenting.

‘But occasionally, they can do something so embarrassing that I just want to crawl under a rock and temporarily disown them. For instance, one of my kids recently bit another kid at daycare.

‘I vaguely knew the mum and when I bumped into her at pick up time all I could do was mumble a half apology ... but it suddenly dawned on me, that embarrassing occurrences like that must be quite common, and wouldn't it be awesome if there was an apology card especially designed to cover these situations?’


Beck with her kids

Beck with her kids


The series of ten cards cover off all major life scenarios from from weeing on a friend’s sofa to giving another family the gift of gastro!

And Beck has been blown away by the reception to the tongue-in-cheek cards from other parents.

‘The reaction on social media has been incredible!’ says Beck. ‘So many mums and dads are coming forward and telling me how much they love the idea, ordering their set and even suggesting some funny apology card ideas of their own.

‘As gorgeous as they are, no child is perfect ... and a bit of humour really helps us get through this jungle that is raising kids.’

You can check out Beck's range of cards here