Adventurous cat travels 370km clinging to a truck

The fearless tom is notorious for wandering off!

Content Editor / October 25 2018

A one-eyed tomcat, named Lucy, has taken off on his most adventurous trip yet, travelling a whopping 370km – clinging to the bottom of an articulated lorry!

The 12-year-old moggy travelled from Hull to Bristol in the UK, and the driver was terrified he’d killed the cat when he discovered him, according to the Mirror.

The cat was stuck between the rear arches of the trailer, causing the drive to tell a co-worker: ‘I think I hit and killed an animal, there’s something in there.’

Worker Dan Cartwright said: “We thought he was dead and then, suddenly, he lifted up his head, so we called the RSPCA.”

Luckily Lucy was microchipped and was returned to his owner, Paul Smith.

“He’s often going off and disappearing for a couple of days," Paul said. "The first I knew he’d gone a bit further than normal was an appeal on Facebook."

“I was absolutely over the moon to discover he’d been safely found.”

Paul said his mum originally called the cat Lucy and the name had just stuck.

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