Carrie Bickmore: My 'secret twins' shock!

The TV host didn't believe what she was hearing!

September 20 2018

Carrie Bickmore had the shock of her life when she was told that she was having twins.

But the news didn't come from her doctor or the hospital - her daughter Evie, three, was busy telling everyone at her pre-school.

However, little Evie, wasn't exactly right as Carrie is expecting just one child!

'So the other day I went to pick her up from school and one of the mums said, "Hey amazing,"and I went, ‘yep, OK’,' said Carrie on her radio show on the Hit Radio network, Carrie & Tommy yesterday.

'She said, "Are re you not telling people?," and I was like, "Err what?" And she said, "That you’re having twins!"And I was like, "Pardon?"'

Carrie realised Evie had been busy telling friends at pre-school an “elaborate story” and everyone was convinced that she was having secret twins!




'(The mum said Evie) spoke about, how she went to the doctor with you, and she went on to tell the elaborate story that Evie had told about us having twins,' Carrie laughed.

'Often kids lie and you can see through their lies but this mum was fully hooked!'

This isn't the first time that Evie has been keen to have twin siblings. When Carrie announced her pregnancy, Evie was obsessed with twins then!

Carrie, 37, also has a son, Oliver, 11 from her marriage to Greg Lange, who sadly died of brain cancer in 2010.

She then met TV producer, Chris Walker, and the couple welcomed little Evie in 2015.

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