Brigitte Neilsen: “Freeze your eggs like I did”

The former actress and new mum shares her advice

September 14 2018

Mum of five Brigitte Neilson says freezing her eggs when she was 40 was one of the best decisions she ever made.

The 55-year-old recently gave birth to her fifth child, a little girl named Frida, after almost 10 years of fertility treatments.

Brigitte also has four adult sons. Her daughter Frida is her first child with husband Mattia Dessi, age 39.

Speaking on TV show Good Morning Britain earlier this week, Brigitte defended her choice to have a baby later on in life.

“I am maybe the oldest mother in America and people say maybe you won't be alive in 20 years, is that the right responsibility to have for the little girl,” she said.

She also said that there was a double standard when it came to men and women having kids at a later stage in life.

“Men are always safe, no matter what they do they are always safe; they can have kids, they can change wives I don't know how many times.”

The former actress said that she has copped a lot of criticism but that she feels much more prepared for motherhood now than she did when she had her sons.

“I also felt much more prepared because I have four grown up sons 23, 25, 29 and 34 so I kind of knew what was coming for me and it's fantastic.

“I am tired but I call it the happy tired, it gives you that inner energy that is so fantastic and I am super proud.”

She added that she believes women in their thirties should freeze their eggs to avoid the disappointment of missing out on being a mother later on in life.

“I'd love to tell all the women out there that are in their thirties preserve your eggs just in case you wake up one day when you're 40 and think ''Oh my god, I didn't have a kid.'

“There is a chance and where there's a will there's a way and stay positive and just go for it.”