Bride-to-be is asked to sign pre-nup FORCING her to lose baby weight!

Wait, what?

Writer / February 17 2019

A bride-to-be has questioned if she should sign a pre-nup agreement with her fiancé which means she will have to lose all her baby weight, or risk divorce. 

Yep, really.

The woman took to Reddit to ask others on the site if she should sign the agreement which basically lists a host of requirements she will have to meet as part of her marriage, or she risks divorce with no cash.

The list includes:

  • An infidelity clause meaning she gets no money from him if she cheats on him.
  • She's given money for every child they have together.
  • AND she has to lose at least 13kg of any baby weight she puts on within a year of having a baby.


The woman admits that she isn't against pre-nuptial agreements, especially because her partner is a successful neurosurgeon. But she's unsure whether or not she should sign this one. What's more her husband suggested she seek legal advice - FROM HIS OWN DAD WHO IS A LAWYER!





There were plenty of responses to the anonymous woman, known only as KatintheAM on Reddit, asking if the pre-nup was legally enforceable, especially the part about the baby weight loss!

'What if he cheats?' said one, 'What about his weight? (Men gain weight too!) And about those kids he wants you to have - what if one of you is infertile and you use medical interventions (surrogate, egg donor, sperm donor, etc) or adopt - are there protections or clauses for that situation? Are there other concerns you have?'

Other people weren't quite as polite...

'Rip it up. Wave goodbye. Walk off into the sunset and find a guy who wants to protect you in life, not hang you out to dry!'

'RED FLAG ALERT,' said another horrified commentator. 'Say bye bye now. Save yourself legal fees and pain in the long run.'

'WHY are you asking the Internet,' asked another. 'Go. See. A. Lawyer.'





Hours later, the woman returned to Reddit and admitted she had read all the responses and had made a decision. 

Edit: Thank you to everyone for all the advice, I have decided to hire an attorney of my own and negotiate the pre nup, some of the clauses are too beneficial to one party and would not be enforceable in court, so the clauses such as the infidelity and weight loss ones are going to have to go both ways.

Would you sign the pre-nup? Have you signed a pre-nup?

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