Bride orders beautiful peacock wedding cake - only to get world’s worst fail instead!

‘Do not use this cake maker.’

October 07 2019

Now a friend of the bride has taken to Facebook to share her horror at the epic cake fail, warning fellow brides to never use the baker in question. 

Writes friend Annette: ‘This was the wedding of someone very close to me, not MY wedding. I'm sharing this to try to make sure that no one else ever gets burned by this imposter that is trying to pretend to be a qualified cake-decorator!’

The Facebook user went onto explain that the cake maker had assured the bride that she could make something similar, and they agreed on a price of $300.

‘Fast forward to 6:00 pm the night before the wedding and imagine that you are the bride eagerly awaiting your wedding cake being delivered,’ Annette goes on to say. ‘The cake is delivered in two separate boxes. One for the cake and one for the cupcakes and the cake-baker takes off so fast that no one has a chance to open the boxes before she's gone. 

‘The bride opens the box with the cupcakes and they were okay-ish, and then opens the box with the cake and the other photos show what she received. One of the bird's heads falls off immediately (and proceeds to fall off two more times after that). 

‘The bride, near tears, fixes it as best she can each time and is devastated by how the cake looks. The cake-maker did return after a phone call from the bride and brought a pan of Rice Krispie treats with her to use to "reshape the birds" but "really didn't understand what we saw wrong with the cake"!! OMG! SHE WAS SERIOUSLY CLUELESS!’

And the horrors didn’t stop there. 

‘It's not covered with white fondant (because the baker said "it kept getting bubbles in it" WTF?), the buttercream frosting that she used is so thin in places that you can actually see the cake through it, in other places it's cracking,’ Annette explains. ‘There's nothing decorative between the layers. Nobody has any idea why the ugly, gold fleur de lis things are on it (or New Orleans Saints symbols as most of the guys there called them). 

‘The one "peacock" looks like a turkey with leprosy or something, and the "white" bird, which isn't white at ALL, doesn't even have a tail or look like a bird in any way, it's just a brown BLOB!’

And it seems things only got worse from there. 

‘There's NOTHING supporting the 'birds' and the cake was already sinking so bad from their weight when it was delivered and it continued to sink worse overnight until the next morning, the day of the wedding, the birds were almost sitting on the bottom layer,’ says Annette. ‘No doily or anything covering the piece of cardboard on the bottom.

‘So, on the morning of her wedding, the bride was going from store to store trying to find a cake that would be suitable to use for her wedding. .

'The baker refuses to refund any of the money for the cake because she "put a lot of time into making it and had to buy tips to decorate it". Unbelievable, right?’

Sharing photos of the peacock fail, thousands of people responded to Annette’s post - disgusted by the end result. 

Whoever made that hideous cake should be ashamed of themselves. I would not serve that to a dog! I dont even bake cakes but I know I could do a better job than that. That is beyond amateurish. Just no excuse for this!’ said one. 

Added another: ‘This is wrong on so many levels, on a poorly cut uncovered cardboard and from there is all down hill.’

Originally published as Bride orders beautiful peacock wedding cake - only to get world’s worst fail instead!

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