Breaking: Coles extend shopping hours for the elderly and people with a disability amid coronavirus crisis

On ya Coles!

Editor / March 22 2020


Coles supermarket has announced that they will be extending the community hour for elderly shoppers and people with disabilities.

Coles Group CEO Steven Cain said: “This week we will continue to offer Coles Community Hour from Monday to Friday in all supermarkets to improve access to essential groceries for the elderly and people living with disability.”

Store hours remain 7am to 8pm, the community hour is from 7am - 8am. Coles are closing at 8pm to allow staff to replenish supermarket shelves.

Community hour is exclusively for shoppers who hold a government-issued Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Companion Card, Seniors Card, Disability Card and Health Care Card.




Steven Cain also added that they are donating an additional $1 million in food every week to Aussies in need during the coronavirus crisis.

“For many years, we have donated surplus edible food from our supermarkets and distribution centres but sadly we are hearing that an increasing number of people in our community are facing particularly tough times as a flow-on effect of the Coronavirus.

“We hope that by donating an additional $1 million in food each week to SecondBite and Foodbank, we can help get food and essentials to people who are especially vulnerable at this unprecedented time.

“It goes to the heart of our strategy which is to feed all Australians and help them lead healthier, happier lives.”



Current restricted items are:


One pack per person:

*Toilet Paper


Two items per person:



*Dry rice

*Paper towels

*Paper tissues 

*Hand sanitisers

*Mince Meat - includes beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey


*Chilled pasta

*Frozen vegetables

*Frozen desserts


*UHT long-life milk

*Canned tomatoes

*Liquid soap

*Chilled white milk – includes all sizes of Coles Brand and branded white dairy milk, plant-based non-dairy and goats milk sold chilled in our dairy fridges in supermarkets and at Coles Express



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