Boy Receives Ultimate Birthday Surprise After No One Came To His Party

What an amazing turn of events!

November 01 2016

After sharing what happened on her blog, something amazing happened. Not only did Mahlon receive gifts and cards from around the country, his favourite author, Jeff Kinney, who wrote Diary of a Wimpy Kid, gave him a special phone call.


“[Kinney] an extremely nice guy who has brightened up my son's world so much, that I don't know if he'll ever stop smiling," Kristen wrote. 


“M is now telling anyone who will listen that he has a new friend and he wants to be just like Kinney, and has been working feverishly on his own comic book series all afternoon. 


“To really top it all off, Jeff is also sending him an extra special gift that I will post about when the time is right, because it's unbelievably awesome.”


In the end, Mahlon had a birthday to remember, but Kristen is not using her story to urge parents to remember to RSVP.