Boy's fingertip is sliced off in daycare accident - and NO-ONE calls for an ambulance


January 09 2019

A 20-month-old boy was rushed to hospital by his family after his Nana picked him up from daycare and discovered he had lost the tip of his finger - and she could see his bone. 

The horrific event took place when Max Blank was at his daycare centre and he got his finger trapped in a door. 

Little Max's parents, Kathy and Jeff, received a call to say that their son had been involved in an "accident". But as the parents work a long way from the daycare centre in New York, USA,  they were led to believe it wasn't serious and that the centre was just letting them know something had happened but Max was OK.

The couple sent Max's grandparents to The Learning Experience in Dobbs Ferry, New York to collect him. But when they arrived, they were shocked by the severity of the little boy's wound.

According to Max's parents, a daycare staff member had simply informed them that a door had closed on his hand but mentioned nothing more.





But Max's finger was wrapped in a paper towel and when Max's grandmother brought him back to her car, she "took the paper towel off, saw his exposed bone, and saw the top of his finger had been severed … and they had it in a paper towel," Jeff Blank told CBS 2. 

Max's grandfather then went back to the daycare and demanded the tip of his grandson's finger and bizarrely staff had kept it. It was wrapped in a separate paper towel. After retrieving the fingertip, Max's grandfather put it on ice and then rushed him to hospital where emergency surgery was performed to reattach it. 

According to the daycare's incident report, the accident happened as a teacher was chasing after another child and Max's little finger became trapped in a door while it was closing. But the paperwork doesn't appear to mention that his finger tip was sliced off. 

The report stated that staff discussed with Kathy, Max's mum, whether to call emergency services, but the mum suggested that the grandparents come instead.  Something Kathy denies. 

She admits she and her husband are "shocked and stunned" over the incident. “The fact that this establishment wouldn’t think to call 911,” Kathy said. 

“What they called an accident to his finger, the hospital called a traumatic amputation,” she said in an interview with The Journal News.





Luckily it looks like Max will make a good recovery but Max's mum is livid at how her son was treated. 

A spokesman for the daycare released a statement saying, '“The supervisory staff member that had been in charge of day to day operations at the center has been terminated, and we have put in place executive team members with over 50 combined years of childcare experience.”

But that's not good enough according to Kathy. "We keep saying accidents happen, but how it was then handled after the fact, it’s just a nightmare,” Kathy said. “Watching him in the hospital is one of the worst experiences of my life,” she said.

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