Surprising benefit of having an older mother

According to new research out of Denmark.

March 23 2017

A recent study out of Denmark says older mothers have a positive effect on their child’s wellbeing as they don't yell at their children as much. 

Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark found “older mothers do not scold or physically discipline their children as much as those who give birth at a younger age,” The Independent reports.

The study, which involved a survey of 4,741 mothers in Denmark, also found the older the mother, the better a child’s language and social skills were – “regardless of factors including background, education and finances.”

However, once a child reached the age of 15, the benefits levelled off.

“We know that people become more mentally flexible with age, are more tolerant of other people and thrive better emotionally themselves,” said Professor Dion Sommer, who led the research.

“That's why psychological maturity may explain why older mothers do not scold and physically discipline their children as much.

“This style of parenting can thereby contribute to a positive psychosocial environment which affects the children's upbringing.”