Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums

How to look good while on the go...

August 16 2016

As much as we may want 24/7 sun-kissed skin, perfect nails and blow-dried hair, running around after our gorgeous children simply does not allow it, which is why beauty cheats are the modern mum’s best friend. Beauty industry veteran and founder of Sydney tan salon Beach Street, Lauren Capelin, shares her top beauty hacks for busy mums:



1) Dry shampoo: enough said! This god-send should be in every busy mum’s bathroom cabinet, glove compartment or work drawer.


2) Spray tans: Many people agree that the signature sign of health, beauty and confidence is glowing, sun-kissed skin. However, most would agree that they do not have the time to lounge about on the beach all day building up a healthy glow – not to mention the health risks involved! A spray tan is the quickest, safest way to feel like your best self.


3) Ditch the brushes: You were born with hands for a reason – use them! If you’re in a hurry, put your brushes away and apply eyeshadow with your index finger, blush with two fingers (moving in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks) and foundation with all four fingers. The big pro of applying foundation with the hands is that the heat from our skin melts the product and allows it to be applied smoothly and seamlessly.


4) Gel shaving cream: The worst thing to realise before that precious date night with hubby is that you’ve forgotten to shave your legs. Thank goodness for on-the-go shaving cream! You can simply apply the cream and shave in five minutes flat. Always avoid dry shaving, even in dire situations, because it can cause serious skin irritation.


5) Micellar water: Some nights you're just so exhausted that cleansing the face just seems like far too much effort. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sleeping with your make-up on which most people know is torture for the skin. Simply apply micellar water to a beauty pad and swipe over the face.


6) DIY Beach Waves: If you want to look fabulous the following day, sleep with your hair in braids for easy, wavy curls in the morning. For a less dramatic look, twist your hair into two Princess Leia-style buns and spray each with sea salt spray. This will result in a beachy effect and you can literally say you did just ‘wake up like this’.