Baby who washed ashore on Gold Coast beach was 'sacrificed'

Just awful

November 21 2018

The nine-month-old baby girl who was found dead on a Gold Coast beach was allegedly ‘sacrificed’ by her family according to breaking reports from Nine News.

This comes shortly after her father admitted to police that he thought she was ‘possessed by demons.’

It’s alleged that the baby girl was thrown naked into Jack Evans Boat Harbour in Tweed Heads on Saturday. Her empty pram was left along the waterway.

CCTV footage tracked the parents of the little girl travelling with their two children from Queensland to NSW.

After throwing the girl in the water, the trio took a bus back to Queensland.

It’s believed that the baby’s body washed ashore on a Surfer’s Paradise beach after drifting in the current for two days. She was found by passers-by in the early hours of Monday morning.

The girl’s father is expected to be charged later today. The girl’s mother is not expected to face charges and has now been placed in the mental health system in Queensland.

It’s understood that the father has several other charges pending, including drink driving without a license and with an unrestrained child in the car.

Queensland police detectives have been "deeply distressed" by the circumstance of the child's death, reports say.

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