This family have covered their entire house with BABY SHARK-themed Christmas decorations and not everyone is impressed!


December 10 2018

A UK family have decorated their entire house in honour of the popular Baby Shark song.

The display in Somerset in the UK uses a mix of traditional Christmas lights and projection of the characters from the song.

As the lights began to flash, Baby Shark can be heard coming from speakers as the cartoon is displayed on the house.

Projected sharks sing in time to the music as the display comes to life. Dad Martin Yandle created the 15-minute display for his neighbours to enjoy.

Mr Yandle invites people to watch the show every night and he collects money for charity.

“The choice of songs is based around my children's favourite songs,” Mr Yandle told Somerset Live.

“My neighbours have been very supportive so far. The volume can be controlled and the sound is only heard when people are outside watching the show and holding down the button to activate the sound.”

However, not everyone is impressed with one neighbour threatening to “cut power to the house.”

“It's bad and selfish enough playing music, but that annoying tune would tip me over the edge,” was another comment.