Baby Names Inspired By Music!

For babies who wanna rock and roll all night and sleep everyday

July 07 2016

Clementine: After the folk song, “Oh My Darling, Clementine”, it’s also a song by the Decembrists suiting those looking for a sweet old-fashioned name.


Billie: You may know it as Billie Jean from the Michael Jackson song, but it’s also a pretty name inspired by the cool jazz singer Billie Holiday.


Angie: The title of a song by the Rolling Stones, it’s allegedly about David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie, although Keith Richards asserts that was about his newborn daughter Dandelion Angela. Either way it’s a great name for lovers of seventies rock n roll.


Ruby: “Ruby Tuesday” is a popular song by the Rolling Stones and a sweet name for free-spirited little girls, after all “who could hang a name on you”?


Evie: A song by the Australian rock group from the seventies, the Easybeats, Evie is the perfect name for girls who want to let their hair hang down.


Lucy: A Beatles song inspired by a painting John Lennon’s son did at school called “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” you can’t get much more cute than that. Just ignore the LSD rumours....




Bowie: A super cool name after the late great David Bowie. It has surged in popularity this year, although Gwen Stefani says she had it before it got cool, it’s her youngest son’s middle name (born in 2014).


Floyd: From the Nirvana song “Floyd the Barber” but also derived from the band Pink Floyd, it suits a boy who prefers the dark side of the moon.


Teddy: The song “Teddy Boy” by Paul McCartney was written after the band dismantled, making it the perfect name for an independent young man. Also notable is the song “Ready Teddy” made famous by Little Richard and then Elvis Presley.


Bennie: You know it from “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John, the name means favourite son in Hebrew. A great name for the one hit wonder families.


Jude: Most notably from “Hey Jude” by the Beatles (after John Lennon’s first son Julian), this name has been inspiring parents since biblical times.


 Jagger: After Mick Jagger, this ultra-cool boy’s name actually has its origins in Yorkshire meaning a peddler or hawker of goods.


Quinn: From the Bob Dylan song, “Quinn the Eskimo”, it’s also the name of an indie rock band from England.