WOAHHHH! Australia's Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen does NOT look like this any more - and people cannot believe it!

All grown up!

May 13 2019

Remember Jack Vidgen?

Jack Vidgen was the baby faced singer who won Australia's Got Talent in 2011, when he was just 14.

But now at 22, has looks nothing like he did when we saw him last.

But he's set to return to our TV screens as he is a contestant on the new series of The Voice - and this is what he looks like! 



Barbie tingz
Barbie tingz


After winning AGT in 2011, Jack gave up singing and walked away from a potential glittering career when he was dropped by his record label after two albums following his win on the reality TV show.

He said this week, 'I went from being just some kid to fame and money and everything.

'Somewhere along the line I just fell out of love with music. I quit completely. I just felt alone and at rock bottom. I haven't been on a stage in over five years.'



i bought you some flowers :)
i bought you some flowers :)


But fans are querying Jack's astonishing new look on his Instagram page, saying they don't recognise him and asking him if he has had cosmetic surgery to look so radically different. 

But Jack denies undergoing any facial fillers and is adamant his new look is just him growing up.

After fans asked in 2017 if he'd had work done, Jack tweeted: 'OMG have people heard of a thing called puberty?'

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