Aussie Mum loses 30kg by eating nine cookies a day!

She looks 10 years younger!

September 26 2019


After coming across a weight loss solution that claimed it could make people drop the pounds by eating cookies, Tarra said she was very sceptical – but decided to give ‘Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet’ a shot.

And thankfully, the quirky diet paid off big time – with the mum managing to lose an incredible 4st 10lbs [30kg] and four dress sizes over the next year, with 2st 11lbs [18kg] being in the first two months while on the cookie diet.

Now the former property manager, who is now studying medical health administration, said she feels more confident than ever flaunting her brand-new 9st 10lbs [62kg], size 10 figure – and has been inundated with comments from people saying she looks a decade younger. 

Tarra said: “I was a bit of a bigger girl in my teenage years, but I only really started piling on weight after I started having kids.

“I found it difficult to balance being a new mum with having a healthy lifestyle, so my weight just crept up over the years.

“I would eat far too much food for someone who wasn’t exercising, so it’s no surprise I got to my heaviest weight.

“I’d drink two or three coffees with three sugars for breakfast, and then scoff down a ham and cheese sandwich from the petrol station while driving to meetings.

“Then I’d be starving for dinner, so I’d eat two or three massive servings of whatever we were having as a family.

“Dinner was my weakness, as I’d not eat that much all day except coffees and a small lunch, so when I’d get home, I’d eat everything in sight.

“I never realised how big I was until I saw some professional photographs of myself for a real estate award ceremony in August last year.

“When the portraits were returned to me, I was in disbelief at his big I was. It was mortifying.

“I also noticed how much older I looked than what I really was. I looked more like 40 than 30.

“I knew I needed to make a change and get my life back. I’m so thankful for those pictures now.”

Inspirational Tarra began the cookie diet in September 2018 and managed to lose 18kg in the first two months – while the remaining 12kg came off gradually over the next 10 months.

The diet consists of consuming nine cookies a day, with each one being just 60 calories – with her first cookie being at 6am, followed by three more before midday, and then three cookies at lunch, and one for afternoon tea.


Tarra's looking and feeling 10 years younger! Image: Caters News

Tarra's looking and feeling 10 years younger! Image: Caters News


For dinner, Tarra would cook up a healthy high-protein, low-carb meal – usually something like grilled chicken or fish with salad or vegetables.

After dropping nearly 20kg in the first two months, the mum managed to lose another 10kg over the next year by maintaining a healthy diet full focusing on low-sugar, high-protein meals.

Tarra said: “I was really sceptical at first. Who could ever lose weight eating cookies? But it was just what my body needed.

“Regular eating intervals helped keep my metabolism rolling to its full effect.

“I was satisfied, and so I’d no longer be gorging on large meals.”

The incredible super slimmer now looks unrecognizable with her brand new sleek 62kg, size 10 figure – with her friends and family all commenting that she looks 10 years younger.

 “I have so much more energy now and feel amazing. I like my reflection in shop windows now and I love seeing my kids scroll through their camera gallery giggling at the ‘bigger me’.

“I love meeting up with old friends I haven’t seen in months and hearing their comments, and I definitely love asking the shop assistant if they have a smaller size out the back.

“I feel 10 years younger. I didn't realise the difference until I looked back on my ‘before’ photos.



Tarra enjoying a cookie! Image: Caters News.

Tarra enjoying a cookie! Image: Caters News.

Tarra’s Day On A Plate BEFORE The Cookie Diet


Coffee with three heaped teaspoons of sugar and full cream milk

Morning Tea:

Coffee with three heaped teaspoons of sugar and full cream milk


Ham & Cheese sandwich from the local petrol station, while driving to meetings

Afternoon Tea:

Coffee with three heaped teaspoons of sugar and full cream milk


2-3 massive bowls of spaghetti bolognaise

Hot chips

Meat pie


During the Cookie Diet


First cookie at 6am then every two hours, one cookie until 12 noon

Morning Tea:

Two cookies


2 cookies

2pm Afternoon Tea:

1 cookie

4pm Afternoon Tea

(total of 9 cookies before dinner)


Protein (meat, fish or chicken and salad/or veggies)


After The Cookie Diet

(Maintenance) when she lost another 12kgs



Yoghurt or a piece of fruit or toast

Coffee, no sugar, skim milk with stevia

Morning Tea:

Green Tea


Grilled chicken wrap with salad

Afternoon Tea:

A piece of fruit or coffee with skim milk, no sugar, stevia instead


Protein (meat, fish or chicken and salad/or veggies) or small bowl of spaghetti bolognaise


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