Aussie mum hits back after trolls target her baby’s birthmark

"They are literally bullying a baby"

February 05 2020

A horrified mum has hit back at cruel bullies who asked if her daughter's face had been 'pushed onto a SKILLET' - and even said that her 'hideous' baby could never get a boyfriend.

Proud mum Marianna Bowering said she has always lovingly embraced her daughter's dark facial birthmark as a unique addition to her beauty that should be celebrated.



The 27-year-old from Adelaide, South Australia, explained that her adorable little girl Angelica, one, was born with a port wine stain across her face - which she calls an 'angel kiss' due to its incredible love heart shape.

Marianna said that although most people in her life are loving and accepting of Angelica's birthmark, she does often receive hateful comments about it both in person and online. 



Now the brave mum is hitting back at the bullies who have said nasty things about her daughter such as whether her face was ‘pushed onto a skillet’ and if she had been ‘left in the oven too long’.

Some of the bullies have even gone so far as to call Angelica ‘hideous’ and said that the one-year-old could never get a boyfriend later in life. 

“People have told me I shouldn’t draw attention to her face,” Marianna said.

“Why can’t she have an Instagram page without adults bullying her online? It’s ridiculous.

“They are literally bullying a baby. She is not even two yet, it is disgusting behaviour.

“I don’t care what anyone says though. I would never hide my little girl because of it, I think she is absolutely stunning.”


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