HERO! Brave Aussie kid fights off snake after he wakes up to find it biting his leg

Why a trooper!

June 13 2019

 A six-year-old boy from Darwin, NT has been hailed a true blue hero after he woke up to find a metre-long snake biting his leg.

But instead of panicking Ben Gorman calmly grabbed the snake and threw it against his bedroom wall!

It was 4am on Monday when Darwin local Ben felt something latch onto his leg in bed.

After lifting the covers to see what it was, the plucky little boy realised a snake was sinking its teeth into his skin.



A non-venomous Slaty-Grey snake, more than a metre long, had slithered into the family's home and made its way into little Ben's bed.

But the brave youngster didn't scream or cry - instead, he got a good grasp of the reptile, ripped it off his leg and hurled it at the wall.

He then calmly padded in to see him mum Micha in bed and told her what had happened.

At the time, the family had no idea what kind of snake it was and Ben was raced to hospital and treated for TWO snake bites. 

A snake catcher was called in to remove the snake and life has gone back to normal! Ben told Sunrise that he wasn't scared of the snake but his mum Micha admitted that it was a frightening experience for her.

Earlier in the night she thinks the snake had tried to get into her bed but she had kicked it away thinking it was "a sock"!

What a family!