'Aussie Dads Uncensored' is tackling the complicated business of fatherhood

By navigating the chaos, you can have a great career and be a top dad.

August 17 2018

Daniele Cavini

38, Senior Commodity Manager

On leave with Sophia for 2.5 months, Arianna for 1 month

"The first moments of life on earth with your baby is something you can never get back, and even though it may seem challenging, the little things (smiles, hand gestures) make it all worth it."

Connor Tierney

30, Finance Professional

On leave with Finnian for 3 months, Patrick for 2 months

"Both my wife Laura and I are responsible for our children’s care – it’s not her role primarily, nor mine – it’s both of our roles, therefore we both take leave from work and raise our kids together."

Alex Laguna

43, Lighting Designer

On leave with Milla for 3 weeks, Arnaud for 6 weeks, Stella for 3 months, Ruby for 6 months

"I don’t profess to have all the answers. I don’t do it all, I’m not super in any way, but I really enjoy the process of being an involved father. And sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it’s really tough and I just wish I could go for a surf. But knowing that I have raised my children – that I have played a huge role in their lives – is more rewarding than anything."

Stephen March

34, Project Officer

On leave with Alexander for four months

"I absolutely loved it. I’m trying to figure out ways to spend more time with him. My parental leave break changed my perspective on what I value. It’s now more about being around and looking after the family."

Renn Holland

38, Senior Retail Architect

On leave with Lourdes for 4.5 months, Enzo for 4.5 months from July 2018

"If you both take parental leave you actually come back to work with a whole lot more skills and a different mindset and point of view that massively benefits the company and your own career."

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This article originally appeared on Men's Health.