ALDI introduce new crumbed CAMEMBERT with cranberry dip for just $4!


Content Editor / May 23 2019

First there was the famed halloumi fries, which were so insanely popular that quantities had to be limited for each individual customer.

Now, ALDI have done it again with a delish crumbed camembert which comes with a cranberry dip, for just $3.99.

Posting on the I Bought It At Facebook page, one mum shared a photo of the product along with the following message:

OMFG! Seriously just when you think Aldi had achieved awesomeness level with their crumbed halloumi fries, along comes this new bad boy!

A WHOLE wheel of Camembert cheese crumbed. $3.99 and it includes cranberry dip, come on, this must be a joke! 💥🧀🤪

The post currently has over 200 comments and 10 shares, with mums enthusing about the new product.

“This is SOOOO GOOD! It even includes baking paper for cooking it in the oven!” wrote one woman.

“I've had this before and it is to die for....yum,” said another.

“I need this in my life!” added a third.

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?

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