A onesie strangled my daughter

A mum shared her experience on Facebook to warn others

January 19 2017

Price’s daughter was wearing a pink zip-up onesie to bed. Price explains her daughter went quiet and made a “strange noise”. Turning around, she quickly realised she was “being choked by her onesie, the zip was too high on her neck and stopping her from breathing, she couldn't even tell me or try and get my attention because she was suffocating.”


In a later post, Price further explained how it happened.


"Just to Clarify for all those who are confused how this happened, she moved up, the onesie moved down at the back, the front tightened around her neck, with it being a zip, it got stuck and she couldn't loosen it, which resulted in her airways being pushed against and strangled basically,” she wrote, adding, “Zips on onesies are dangerous for this. Just wanted to warn parents not realising how much this status would blow up."